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Download Sample Social Media Campaign Plan Pdf

Is Your Big Fat Title Fooling You – Take a Reality Check, Hire A Digital Agency

Download Sample Social Media Campaign Plan Pdf

Beginning a new business and being successful at it is nauseating, heady feeling that is often harmful for small and medium business owners who revel in their big titles and designations and all the attention that comes along with it. This is a particularly harmful situation that is best avoided.

We would not blame you if you feel on the top of the world after reading a few classical marketing bibles and popular books on the subject of social marketing through popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all that authors love writing about and new business owners love reading. Unfortunately, most of these books are stuffed with moonshine as poor readers discover in time.

It is worth taking a few moments and asking yourself why those authors sell so much! They sell because they make their books sellable not helpful per se. A new entrepreneur looking for peer assistance would easily love all the free advice in such books. What worries us is the mindless application of the ‘do-it-yourself’ philosophy in specialist domains. Imagine what would … Read More